Tepelena, castle risks crumbling

13/08/2011 11:30

For more than one year, serious cracks in the walls of the Tepelena
Castle have shown that the national monument risks crumbling.

Tepelena Castle is one of most important monuments of our cultural inheritance in Southern Albania, closely tied to the name of Ali Pasha Tepelena, but it has been left in oblivion. Besides being excluded from every tourist itinerary, this castle is facing serious damages in the inner structure and surrounding walls.

The director of Tepelena Cultural Center, Fatmir Meci declares for Top-Channel that the situation is very serious.

The newly elected Mayor of Tepelena, Termet Peçi declared that they are expecting to finish soon the complete cleaning of the castle and will remove private fences, in order to return this monument to the visitors. But, according to him, the Municipality cannot do anything for the cracks in the walls. He adds that it is urgent to start thinking about saving this monument from crumbling.

Historical sources say that the castle was projected by Ali Pasha himself, who also inspected the construction phases. The current castle was reconstructed in 1819. It has three entrances and three towers. Until 1820, this castle was the second residence of Ali Pasha.

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