Strike dialogue, no solution yet

12/08/2011 11:30

Despite the three hour long talks between a group of mineworkers and one ACR administrator, no solution has been found.

The ACR administrator asked the mineworkers to return to work while they discuss the conditions. The mineworkers declare that they cannot interrupt the strike without having their demands met by the company.

One of the miners representative, Kujtim Bushi declared for the media that today’s talks achieved nothing new and that ACR representative promised to discuss the demands with the board of directors. The miners demand a 40% increment and improvement of work conditions.

As warned beforehand, ACR refused to have syndication representatives present in the meeting, expressing their mistrust about them.

Meanwhile, the head of the Mineworkers’ Syndication asked the Albanian state to intervene for resolving the situation.

“The strikers appeal all MPs of all political parties to offer their solidarity to the miners’ strike”, Kol Nikolla declared.

The strike has started its 19th day, and the miners’ health condition has deteriorated

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