Stefanovic: Crisis is over

11/08/2011 15:20

The crisis in Northern Kosovo is over. Borko Stefanovic, the first
negotiator in the Serbian delegation for the dialogue with Kosovo
believes that the resolution of this problem will be discussed in
Brussels, although he declares that they will not allow Kosovo institutions
to be established in north and that Serbia cannot be evicted from

Serbian officials believe that the recent turmoil in Northern Kosovo will not affect the dialogue, but on the contrary, it might even accelerate it. Stefanovic declared that he hopes to resolve the problem of customs stamps.

He asked the Serbian communes in Northern Kosovo to be unified in order to implement the agreement that was achieved with KFOR. Stefanovic says that he knows that Serbians do not agree with the restriction of Serbian goods and the 3.5 ton limit. But he adds that this is the best way to protect Serbns from several attacks.

According to him, they were able to take a guarantee from the international community that Prishtina will not make other attempts to change the situation.

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