SP: Suit at the Electoral College

29/06/2011 20:15

For the Socialists, the decision of the Central Election Commission for
refusing their appeal is a continuity of the illegal and deformed
process for stealing at any cost the mandate that was won by Edi Rama in

Making a detailed analyze of the violations of the Central Election Commission, the Socialist Party Secretary for Legal Matters, Fatmir Xhafa, called Lulzim Basha as the man that steals and gets away with it through technical procedures, starting with the investigations on the alleged financial abuses for Durres-Kukes road, when he was Minister of Transports, and for death of four protesters on January 21st demonstration held by the opposition, when he was Interior Minister. For both accusations, Basha’s defense has used the technical details of the procedures.

“And again, Basha is trying to perform another robbery through the extra-legal procedures that were implemented during the process in CEC, and through other procedures”, Xhafaj declared.

Mr. Xhafaj discovered some new details of the appeal that the Socialist Party will make at the Electoral College, which, according to him, demonstrate the scandalous manipulations that were committed.

“In 40 voting centers that were balanced before Ristani put his hands in them, the number of ballots were equal to the number of voters. These other have been transformed into those that are not included with equal numbers, but with inconsistencies. And there are 75 ballots more”, Xhafaj confirmed.

However, according to the former Minister of Justice and one of highest SP leaders, the ones who are responsible for this deformation, one day will be brought to justice.

“Who has contributed, who has been part of this crime, one day will answer. However, I believe that there are still responsible judges and prosecutors. But some individuals have suffocated their own will”, Xhafaj added.

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