SP: Elections, government failed

16/08/2011 13:15

Different from the Prime Minister Berisha, who commented the OSCE-ODIHR
report as positive for May 8th elections, the Socialist Party declared
that it is just and it leaves no space for avoiding responsibilities.

The Socialist MP Sajmir Tahiri expressed the view of the Socialist Party for the report.

“OSCE ODIHR failed Berisha. The report is the certification of the spectacular failure of this government for giving the citizens fair and free elections, in full accordance with the minimal democratic standards that are acceptable by the civilized world. The report says that the result for Tirana is not based on law, but on controversial decisions taken by the Central Election Commission and the Electoral College, not based on law and politically motivated. The fake smile of our Prime Minister yesterday was completely unjustifiable. He rushed to put the next imaginary medal in his chest, same as he  tries to lie the Albanians about economic increases and reforms that remain as such only inside Berisha’s head”, Tahiri declared.

For the Socialist Party, the report has never mentioned these elections as free, fair or that they fulfill the standards, neither “partially fulfillments”, as in other reports.

“All concerns that were raised by the Socialist Party before and after the Elections Day, including the vote counting and tabulation of the result, were reported as true by OSCE-ODIHR, raising big concerns not only for the warned failure of May 8th elections, that we all witnessed, but also for the strong tendencies that manipulated elections are becoming an illegal and consolidated practice of the ruling party”, Tahiri declared.

Referring to the report, Tahiri also spoke on the miscast ballots.

“According to the report, the process of counting miscast ballots was premeditated, not based on any law and motivated by political interest. The report says that when the regular vote counting process was over, Edi Rama was the winner with 10 votes ahead, although CEC did not announce the result, as they should. This procedure damaged the impartial credibility of CEC, making it an institution commanded by the ruling party. The decisions of the Electoral College are reported as contradictory and that did not give an effective solution to the problems that appeared during these elections. All these statements of the OSCE-ODIHR report and many others mark the darkest point in the history of elections after 2005, showing extreme deterioration from one pair of elections to another, failures that have only one responsible: Prime Minister Sali Berisha”, Tahiri declared.

MP Sajmir Tahiri expressed the readiness of the Socialsit Party for contributing by offering a solid base for the election reforms in Albania.

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