Soleimani’s man operating in Tirana under the cover of a cultural attaché

16/01/2020 17:39

Seyed Ahmad Hosseini Atlast, the cultural attaché of Iran in Albania, was declared “persona non-grata” and was asked to leave Albania immediately.

He was in fact an officer of the Iranian Secret Service, Mois, and was hiding behind his diplomatic status.

The Iranian diplomat had been in Albania for several years and had created strong connections.

Under the cover of the cultural attaché, he was also appointed Director of the Cultural Foundation, Sadi Shirazi, which has been operating in Albania since 1996, and aims to promote the Iranian culture in Albania, and the Albanian one in Iran.

This foundation published a magazine led by the Iranian secret agent.

This foundation was also used to fund online media in Albania which follow the line of the Ayatollah regime in Iran, by often criticizing the decision of Albania to welcome the members of the Iranian opposition, MEK.

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