Socialist Party is 20 years old

13/06/2011 09:10

The Socialist Party celebrated its 20th anniversary in a ceremony that
had the presence of international community representatives, deputies,
allies and historic leaders of the this party, such as Mr.
Meidani, Brokaj and Pëllumbi.

As expected, two former Socialist Prime Ministers were missing in the party, Fatos Nano and Ilir Meta.

The opposition leader declared that SP has always been on the right side for a wider coalition with the citizens, in order to face current challenges.

According to Rama, there are many good words about SP, which cannot be left unmentioned in such an anniversary.

“I will mention three of them. We are a party that does always the right thing for the national interest, a party that respects all Albanians as equal citizens for their rights and freedom. We are a party that lives by trying to bring positive changes to Albania. I want to express my gratitude and respect to all those men and women that have given their contribution for making SP deserve such good words”, Rama declared.

For Rama, freedom is what the Socialist Party has lived with, and what gives it more strength for facing new strong political challenges of present Albania.

“The amount of freedom that each member of this family enjoys today, increases our strength to resist as an opposition against all attacks made to citizens’ freedom, and for offering a better governing tomorrow, a governing based upon the transforming strength of freedom”, Rama declared.

The Socialist leader congratulated all SP members and supporters who, according to Rama, form its never ending strength.

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