SMI presents seven points for the Electoram Reform

09/01/2016 00:00

The Central Election Commission will not have a unified stance when they will meet this Tuesday.

While Democrats and Socialists disagree about how much they should intervene with the Electoral Code, now there is a new stance from the Socialist Movement for Integration.

SMI presented a platform with seven points, in which they reconfirmed the request for having open list of candidates. This request was not supported by the bigger parties.

The SMI platform wants harsher measures for vote purchase, vote photographing. They want to prevent moving voters from one zone to another, and increase the ballot counting centers from 90 to 200.

The SMI platform also proposes that the Central Election Commission should not have any competence for reviewing complaints that parties might file after the elections. They prefer to give this role to the Electoral College, since, according to the SMI, that could make it faster for the results to come out.

Some of the SMI propositions are not related to the OSCE/ODIHR recommendations for the elections. The Socialist Party is the one focusing mostly on these recommendations.  Referring to the lack of time, they have rejected the request of the Democratic Party for having electronic ballot count.

The opposition has not decided about what they want to do in these conditions, but their leaders are also playing with the idea to postpone the elections. Tuesday will be the day when we will see if the members of the opposition will articulate this idea or not, during the meeting of the CEC.

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