Shkodra expects solution from CEC. Experts: Only the President can resolve it

20/08/2019 18:19

The mayorship of the Shkoder Municipality has turned into a difficult and complicated issue.

While the new City Council hopes for a solution from the Central Election Commission, the members of the commission are still on holidays, except for the Chairman, Klement Zguri, who is in the office.

One day ago, Briseda Kadiu, the new City Council Chairwoman, declared that they will address the Central Election Commission for a legal assessment solution.

This request has not arrived at the Central Election Commission yet. The Shkdoer Prefect, Cesk Millja, said for Top Channel that the municipal council will meet soon to draft a request for CEC and the Council of Ministers.

Electoral law experts admit that this is a very complicated case. They underline that if Valdrin Pjetri had taken his oath as Mayor on Monday, and the Prime Minister had fired him right after that, the situation would be less complicated.

But does the Shkoder Municipal Council have the legal competency to address the Central Election Commission?

Kristaq Kume, former CEC Chairman, declared in a phone conversation for Top Channel that the City Council should have notified the Prefect right after Pjetri had resigned.

“I don’t understand why they notified the CEC instead. For them, this process is closed the moment they announced the results of the June 30th elections. The vacancy was not created as result of the decriminalization law, which would force the CEC to invalidate his mandate. This is a resignation. Therefore, I don’t see what CEC could do”, Kume explained.

The solution, according to Kume, is for the president to appoint a new date for new elections in Shkoder, as provided by the Electoral Code.

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