Shijak, husband kills wife

13/08/2011 11:05

Another family crime has shocked the residents of Xhafzotaj commune, in
Durres. The-54-year old Isuf Smoqi has shot his wife with a hunting rifle, leaving her dead.

The victim is the 50-year-old Bukurie Smoqi, mother of three and wife of the murderer. The Smoqis were known as a problematic family, but the argument that escalated to murder is unknown yet.

The terrible crime took place in Pjeze village, Xhafzotaj commune, Shijak. The husband has not left the house where he had just killed his wife. He has notified his children about the crime and waited the police, who took him under custody together with the weapon of the crime.

The shocked residents refused to comment about the horrible crime and about the couple that had three children, one of them married. Durres Police officially declared that it was a conflict of the moment that has driven the 54-year-old man to shoot his wife, but the real motives remain unknown, since the murderer was alone with his victim inside the house.

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