Second paid parking space inaugurated in Tirana

16/11/2015 13:40

The Mayor of Tirana, Erion Veliaj, inaugurated the second public parking
space with payment at the Selman Stermasi stadium. This is the second
one that will have its revenues used in investments.

“Only with 100 ALL, every citizen contributes for a better city. We will plant more trees with this money, like we did with the ‘Dritan Hoxha’ street. There will be more green spaces, like we did with the artificial lake and other areas”, Veliaj declared.

The Mayor of Tirana said that different from the model when public spaces were managed by the Democratic Party Parliament Members, these public properties would be exploited for the citizens’ interest.

He added that the Tirana Municipality will soon work to create a public parking in another area of Tirana, the Asllan Rusi area.

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