Saranda, many businesses fined

17/08/2011 08:30

The tax directory gave a hard blow to the illegal businesses that were inspected this summer.

They haven’t tolerated even the infringements that were considered “light”, such as passengers without tickets, vendors who failed to gibe the tax bill to the consumer, shop items without price tags, failing to list the items in coupons and even refusing to take the fiscal case. From 61 controls, 18 of them have been fined, starting from 50.000 ALL to 500.000 ALL. Their total value goes to 2.190.000 ALL, according to “Shqip” newspaper.

Arben Guga, director of Saranda local Tax Office gave three fines for not releasing the tax coupon with a value of 1.500.000 ALL.

5 other fines with a value of 150.000 ALL have been issued for not including items in coupon and a fine of 100.000 ALL for missing fiscal case.

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