Rudina Hajdari creates new party

20/04/2019 17:40

Three decades after the late Azem Hajdari co-founded the Democratic Party, his daughter, Rudina Hajdari, founded the newest party in politics.

The first member who joined her is Astrit Patozi, while she needs 3000 signatures to be registered as a political force.

Rudina Hajdari said that boycotting the electoral race was a political suicide. It will remain to be seen if she will make it to register her party as a political force for the next elections.

This is the first big division of the Democratic Party under the leadership of Lulzim Basha. Under Berisha there has been the Democratic Alliance of Neritan Ceka in 1992 and the New Democratic Spirit of Bamir Topi in 2012.

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