Ristani: ZECs had no legal possibilities

23/05/2011 19:40

Chairman of Central Election Commission, Arben Ristani argued during the meeting with CEC commissioners for the counting process of miscast ballots. In his speech, Ristani said that Zonal Election Commissions had no legal procedures for taking a special decision for cases like this.

“For us are important the ones who vote, not the ones who count. In full accordance with article 33.C, CEC decided to administer the process of counting these ballots. After inspecting this documentation, CEC saw that ZECs had noted miscast ballots and we lack of a uniform procedure for solving this issue”, Ristani declared.

“ZEC members have had no legal possibilities to decide on these miscast ballots and they have acted in an alternate way”, he specified.

Ristani declared that CEC is the highest state institution for election administration, and as such it has all competences towards its dependents.

“Law says that when necessary, CEC must use its authority towards ZECs and must be proactive on solving these problems”, Ristani added.

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