Report: Albanian public employees take long holidays, use office hours for internet surfing

14/02/2020 18:49

A report of the Supreme State Audit has revealed that public administration employees inefficiently use the Internet service during office hours.

They spend the majority of their office time watching movies, on social media, listening to music, radio or downloads and games, as well as updating Microsoft operating systems.

2019 data analysis for the Albanian Ministry of Justice, Culture and Agriculture and of the municipalities of Korça, Fier, Vlora and Lezha, as well as other agencies, shows that about 15% of the Internet goes for virtual entertainment.

Despite costing the state budget about 190 million lek a year, the auditing team found that the lack of regulatory acts on needs assessment has led to uneconomical use of the service in public institutions.

The report also finds that the National State Intelligence Agency does not have mechanisms in place to verify or take real-time measures against cyber-attacks.

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