Registration, PJIU: No to ethnic questions

12/08/2011 14:45

After some harsh critics released two days ago by Vangjel Dule, leader
of the Union for Human Rights Party, today there has been a reaction by
the Party for Justice, Integration and Unity.

The Political Secretary of PJIU, Ardian Tana declared that the Commission of the Census must not include ethnic questions or make confusions with them.

“For PJIU, including them would mean violating the Constitution and the national harmony, even if they would be illegally included. The amendments of PJIU guaranties for taking self-declaration objectively under control”, Tana declared.

By commenting on the statement released by UHRP, PJIU added that these repeated declarations show a desire for abusing with the registration process, since these declarations aim to not control the individual declaration.

Mr. Tana emphasized that the PJIU amends are removing all abusing opportunities of population registration.

According to PJIU, these amends should preoccupy only those that hoped to return the ghost of the so-called “Vorio Epir” through the registration, by making fake declarations through pensions and cash payments.

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