Rama: There will be no cabinet changes. That’s just fantasy caused by the heat

15/07/2019 19:48

The Albanian Prime Minister, Edi Rama, declared that the Socialist Party leadership gathered today to discuss the post-electoral situation after the June 30th elections.

The Prime Minister said that there will be no government changes, and that whoever says it, is just speaking fantasies caused by the high temperatures.

Rama also declared that he has no plans to eliminate the opposition, since it is doing it on its own in full capacity.

He underlined that the Socialist Party will stay loyal to everyone who voted for them, and even to those who didn’t vote for them.

“The support received by our candidates went beyond all expectancies. On this basis, we are already working for the next victory in 2021”, Rama said.

When asked by Top Channel’s journalist, Muhamed Veliu, whether he was concerned by the fact that 11 judges and prosecutors who didn’t pass the Vetting Law have taken the case at the Strasbourg Court, Rama said that they are just exerting their right and that he is not concerned about it.

“The judiciary reform is the battleship of this majority. As long as it is implemented in full harmony with our objectives, and the US and EU partners, the rest are secondary aspects of a process that keeps progressing and never stops.


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