Rama: President using office to threaten Parliament, international partners, Albanians

15/11/2019 21:31

While the conflict between the Parliament and the Presidency continue, the Prime Minister asked that the Parliamentary Committee which is established to investigate whether the President has violated the law, should now bring their recommendation package at the Parliament.

“No democracy and no constitution can foresee a president turning out like Ilir Meta. This is why the Parliament must take all the legal, constitutional measures, to create the right mechanisms that would unblock the actions of this President, who has turned his office into a trench from where he keeps threatening the Parliament, the international partners, and the Albanian people. The ‘ad hoc’ Commission established for removing Ilir Meta from his duty must consider submitting the package of recommendations to the Parliament, and the Commission of Laws should contribute to neutralizing the anti-constitutional acts of the President”, Rama said.

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