Rama presents program, recognizes opposition’s merit and gives message to Greece

11/09/2017 00:00

The Albanian Prime Minister, Edi Rama, presented the new government program this Monday in Parliament.

In the next four years, Rama plans to cooperate with the opposition for national matters and the country’s integration.

“On behalf of the Socialist Party, I express my readiness to start a dialogue table for major matters. An Albania united with Europe, that’s part of it. Let’s stay side by side for the European agenda, on behalf of our nation”, Rama declared.

Rama recognized the opposition’s merit for the decriminalization law and cannabis.

“We wouldn’t be having these results if it wasn’t for the opposition. We are on a total offensive today and we have reached concrete results against cannabis. Opposition had its role as well. Without it we wouldn’t have established a filtering for clean image of our politicians”, Rama said.

Rama asked the opposition to keep working for the electoral reform. “Let’s make it easier for immigrants to vote for their country, so that they have the right to chose a government. Because we only speak about this by the end of the mandate. Let’s not lose time and make it a reality for the elections of 2021”, Rama underlined.

An important part of the governing program is dedicated to integration and foreign policy.

“A European Albana is the testament of our forefathers. Albania deserves to open negotiations in the next year. The obstacles come from any pretext, and not for our fault”, Rama said.

As for the region, Rama says that his government will work to turn to reality the many regional cooperation initiatives . “We will make real the initiatives with Kosovo. We hope that by January 1st 2021, we must have agreed to establish an European-style border between our countries. I hope we have a unified customs by then. The project is ready”, Rama said.

The Prime Minister also spoke about “zero problems with neighbors”, and gave a message to Greece, with which there are still unresolved issues.

“We want reciprocated friendship, mutual respect and strategic cooperation. Despite its problems, Albania will not shut its eyes and its mouth for defending its truth”, Rama underlined.

The judiciary reform and the Vetting Law remain the main topics of this new mandate.

“We must continue the judiciary reform through the Vetting Law. It is understandable that the public’s focus is on the bigger fish. But the judiciary system in total destroys the rights of our citizens. The judiciary we want should not resemble to an utopia four years from now”, Rama said.

The chapter of economy was the longest, and most important one for the government program, starting from infrastructure projects and continuing with the fight against corruption and informality.

“We are going to reduce public debt, increase the economic growth with 5% within this third year of governing and create 220.000 new jobs. We will work with the local government to bring to an end the problem of property titles for agricultural lands, and complete the legalization process. Tourism is one of the main sources of the economic growth and employment for the next four years. Next your don’t make any booking abroad”, Rama said.

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