Rama, Manastirliu visit the temporary hospital-quarantine for coronavirus patients

26/03/2020 16:22

Prime Minister Edi Rama and Health Minister Ogerta Manastirliu visited today the new quarantine hospital , which according to the prime minister, “guarantees the protection of the sick in the event of a sudden increase in the enemy force”.

“Maybe there will be no need but we have to be prepared for any kind of fire,” Rama said.

The Health Minister said that in the first and second scenario there are the QSUT and Sanatorium hospitals, but this facility will serve patients who are in recovery and in better health.

“It will serve as a quarantine hospital with basic medical assistance. There will be 80-100 beds, the first floor will serve as staff quarters and for basic services, and there will be a small resuscitation unit. Each floor will have a nursing facility, pharmacy, basic imaging, mobile radiographs for those who do not require the service of a typical hospital but are in the recovery phase. A typical campus that can be fitted as well as in the long term”, Manastirliu said.

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