Rama invites Basha to discuss new Prosecutor. Basha: “Constitutional violation”

07/12/2017 15:39

A few hours before the discussions in Parliament for the new Prosecution, Prime Minister Edi Rama invited his political adversary, Lulzim Basha, to find a common solution to the issue.

Rama asked Basha to sit together and decide the name of the person who will replace Adraitik Llalla, and proposes that the government and the opposition should walk together until June 2018, when EU is expected to open the accession negotiations with Albania, which is a historic opportunity for the country.

But Basha didn’t answer directly to Rama’s invitation. Through a letter sent to the Palriament Speaker, DP lists the reasons why they oppose the procedures for a new Prosecutor, underlining that the Constitution clearly states that the expiring of the Prosecutor’s term is decided by the High Council of the Prosecution and not by the Parliament.

Since this independent institution is not established, it is impossible that the Parliament takes its competence. The DP underlines in its letter that the Constitution clearly states that the Temporary Prosecutor is appointed only when the incumbent Prosecutor has its term finished before time is due. This is why the opposition demands to immediately interrupt the procedure for the successor of Llalla.

After the declaration of the US Ambassador, PM Edi Rama reiterated his invitation to Basha for dialogue: “Let’s speak Albanian for Albania. Don’t wait for foreigners to read our Constitution”.

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