Rama: Internationals must intervene harder

24/05/2011 13:50

Socialist Party leader, Edi Rama, asked international community to
intervene harder for saving the process that endangers Albania’s future.
He warned his opponent for citizens’ resistance if their rights will not be

In a conversation with the journalists, Rama declared that Albanian opposition will not back off and will not stop in the road of democracy, adding that the contestations will escalate if justice will not be in place.

“We will consume every legal and democratic means in the war against the stolen vote. Everyone understood what happened, and we will react if justice will not be put in place, if injustice will turn into a system based on election elimination”, Rama declared.

Socialist Party leader emphasized that Barroso’s trip cancellation in Tirana and other EU diplomats’ declarations are signals of a bad future for the European Albania, in such conditions when the Prime Minister himself and his stolen power wants to impose through robbery a regime that has nothing to do with democratic standards.

Rama emphasized that the opposition does not recognize the result announced by Central Election Commission and that he expects the Electoral College to give the right decision for their victory in Tirana.

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