Rama from Elbasan: “Tirana highway will be concluded within 2018”

13/03/2018 17:12

The government met in Elbasan this month, where the Prime Minister of Albania, Edi Rama, said that the Elbasan-Tirana highway will demand new funds, as reported by Top Channel one day before.

Rama said that this was due to a bad management of the projects, and promised that the construction would be completed within the year.

“We will cover the new funds. It is the money pit of a past greed, which was paid by citizens”, Rama declared.

According to Rama, the same approach will be followed for the Qukes-Qafe Plloca road, which cuts the distance between Elbasan and Korca.

“We are finalizing a road that started with our government, which connects Elbasan with Berat, Cerrik, Belsh, ura Vajgurore and Kucova, areas with constant agricultural development”, Rama said.

According to Rama, the government has started a new phase as regards expensive medicaments, such as herceptine, the lack of which did not allow chemotherapy for patients.

The government also decided to merge 13 agricultural directories into four regional agricultural agencies, and 4 agencies for veterinary and plant protection.

Top Channel