Rama: Flamur Bime, the only way

23/04/2011 20:30

Socialist Party leader, Edi Rama, presented in Gjirokaster the “Alliance for the Future” candidate, Flamur Bime, declaring that he is the only way for this city.

Rama emphasized that May 8th elections are political, the aim of which is the removal of Berisha’s regime.

The only way for Gjirokaster is Flamur Bime, SP and the ‘Alliance for the Future’. I am very proud that part of this alliance is a loyal and honest friend and collaborator, Vangjel Dule. I want to show him my respect for our collaboration. On May 8th we will achieve not an arithmetical victory, but a victory that opens a new way of development and new perspective,” Rama said.

Which government would stand back and see how these houses of cultural heritage are falling to pieces. We must come together and put in place the honor of Gjirokaster, refusing Sali Berisha and his obscurantist regime with vote. We must come together, to open a new way for the economy of this country, because Albania suffers today a new crisis each day, with a deeper economic ruin”, emphasized SP leader.

“All citizens must understand that the May 8th vote is political, because it is a vote for completely changing the national politics and the wealth of this country. May 8th is the day when we must go together at the ballot boxes, with the good will of changing our life and the life of any citizen, because every citizen should feel free and protected in Albania”, Rama declared.

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