Rama: “Durres landfill will be closed. Albania will ban plastic bags”

13/06/2018 18:03

The Albanian Prime Minister, Edi Rama, visited the Porto Palermo waste landfill, to see in person what happens with the waste.

Rama expressed his government’s commitment to transform the landfill into a park.

After this, Tirana will give a solution for the Durres waste problem. “We need to continue the cooperation process to close this field and turn it into the biggest park of the city. We will take the waste to the Tirana plant, after calculating affordable costs”, he said.

The fight against plastic bags will also be serious and definitive, aiming to break records.

“We need make Albania a country that not only doesn’t use plastic bags, but it will also ban them from entering the country. Plastic bags must be handed over before entering Albania. This is the only way I see to leave this era behind”, Rama said.

As for increasing the tourism potential of Durres, Rama said that it will be helped by the new railway to Tirana, while there are discussions undergoing for building the first port of cruise ships.


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