Rama: “DP must tell us what they want”

20/04/2017 12:30

The Albanian Prime Minister Edi Rama, said that the government will not
negotiate for the mandate given them by the people. “Any other attempt
against the elections of June 18th, are in reality efforts to
destabilize the country”, he said.

Rama said that the request made by them and the SMI to the Central Election Commission for postponing the registration date for the elections, aims to give the Democratic Party another chance to be part of these elections.

“We had no reason to register the coalition, closing this way the doors to the Democratic Party. We are here to confirm once again that we are not parties, but a coalition. Those who hoped to hit the coalition, are now disappointed. This is not a strategic move for career, but for reforms. If we have made steps back, it has never been to change the agreement we have with one million voters, but it has been an expression of a different opinion for how we can let DP leave the deadened road they chose on their onw”, Rama said.

However, the Prime Minister said they are committed to wait for the DP to come and work together for an electoral reform based on the OSCE recommendations.

As for the President, Rama said that the government has the numbers to chose their own, but they will wait for the DP to decide together for an impartial president.

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