Rama: Dibra citizens, don’t sell your vote

22/04/2011 15:30

Opposition leader, Edi Rama, continued his electoral campaign at the town of Peshkopia, presenting the candidate of Alliance for the Future, Ilir Vranici.

Rama reminded to the left centered supporters of Peshkopia the difficult situation in which the area lives after 20 years, attacking the Prime Minister Sali Berisha, the government of whom, according to Rama, stole the votes and killed people in order to keep stealing.

“We can radically transform Peshkopia and we can turn this land into a place where there is employment, a road towards the future for any common family. Vote as a community that has freedom and rights that no one can take them away”, Rama said.

Edi Rama commented on the vote buying, warning the Dibra citizens that with that money they could live only one month, but the new road towards development cannot be sold.

“I heard yesterday my friends in Peshkopia, who told me that they have been knocking door to door, trying to buy your votes. This means surpassing any boundary of human moral. I invite all of you to refuse this and to be aware that this money that they offer to buy your vote, is your money, the money that are missing in the Albanian economy”, Rama said.

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