Rama, campaign at the Medrese Area

29/04/2011 19:40

Socialist Party leader, Edi Rama, visited some minutes ago the Medrese
area in the Albanian capital, where he praised the SP candidate, Sadi

Rama declared in front of the opposition supporters that Vorbsi will fight to protect the citizen’s right.

“The candidacy of Sadi Vorbsi is for protecting property rights, but also to show the civic behavior of an Albanian”, Rama declared, expressing his conviction on victory.

“In the same way that Ramiz Alia lost in this area, in the same way will lose Berisha’s candidate on May 8th”, he said.

The opposition leader said that the Alliance for the Future is not only the Socialist Party, but a whole front of citizens, parties and individuals, who, according to him, offer to the citizens the right alternative.

“Our alliance is composed of individuals like Sadi Vorbsi, who understood that this is the right time to contribute more. He understood that the more there are people who today feel bad in Albania, the worse will feel tomorrow those who today might feel a little bit better than yesterday. Vorbsi is a model that we must cultivate”, Rama said.

Afterwards, the SP leader and candidate for Mayor of Tirana accused the government again, which, according to him, is robbing Albania.

“After invading and destroying every land in Albania, they come and ask the vote of Tirana. This is a perverse political culture”, Rama underlined.

He also criticized the policies of the government, mainly on the economy and the “thievery” with the energetic bills, VAT and medicine price increase.

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