Rama after CEC fired Kajmaku: SP doesn’t shelter criminals. DP: SP can’t appoint non-incriminated candidates

01/11/2019 21:54

The reaction of the Albanian Prime Minister after the Central Election Commission decided to end the term of the Vora Mayor, was that “Institutions are institutions”, expressing this way his support to the decision.

“CEC proved that they are not the instrument of political parties as they used to be in the past, but an institution that protects the law and the public interest”, Rama said.

According to the PM, the Socialist Party has proven that they will not turn into a shelter of those who violate the law.

The opposition’s Democratic Party leader, Lulzim Basha, said that the Socialist Party is unable to choose candidates who are not criminated. “:They can only chose the scum of the scum, in order to humiliate Albanians who are shining anywhere in the world except for their government, which is led by criminals, traffickers, thieves and corrupted people whose place is in prison”, Basha said.

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