PTK, Self-determination accuses government

11/06/2011 18:55

Self-determination Movement deputy, Visar Ymeri, accused the Kosovo
government of being previously notified that the agreement with
“Dardafon” company was harmful for Kosovo Post Telecommunication.

This agreement that produced the virtual operator Z Mobile, resulted with an accusation towards PTK directors that signed it, an action that has caused its shares to lose value in the market, according to Visar Ymeri.

Ymeri declared that after signing this agreement, the Interior Minister of Economy and Finances of the time, Ahmet Shala and the Prime Minister Hashim Thaçi defended this agreement with persistence.

According to Ymeri, by defending this agreement, Thaçi and Shala automatically become accomplices.

Self-determination requested the PTK privatization to be cancelled.

According to Self-determination, PTK must not be privatized while its directors are being investigated over criminal charges, and when its value is plunging in the market.

Thaçi government, according to Self-determination Movement, has damaged Kosovo in 2008, 2009 and 2010, and is still doing it in 2011.

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