Prosecution, 91 years in prison for drug gang

29/06/2011 20:00

The Prosecution of Serious Crimes asked 91 years in prison for seven
defendants from Durres, the case of which is known as “File 2”. This request was based on the
recordings that were made towards the defendant Endrit Dokle when he
was under police custody, awaiting the trial against the Durres gang.

Prosecutor Anton Martini declared that the defendants Isuf Buna, Shefqet Vata, Jorid Cuka, Edmond Taulla, Blendi Prendi, Vito Biba and Eglantina Biba have taken part in a structured criminal gang and have trafficked 40 kg of drugs from Albania to Italy.

The connections between the gang members were discovered after listening the phone calls of Endrit Dokle, who together with Izet Krasniqi will be processed in a separate trial.

According to the prosecution, the heroin was distributed by people that were hired by Endrit Dokle, who although in prison since 2005, still controlled drug distribution from phone calls.

According to the prosecutor, this group was founded in August 2008 and until April 2009 has trafficked from Albania, through Bosnia and then into Italy a considerable amount of drug, most of which blocked by the Italian police.

The prosecution said that a Bosnian citizen, very notorious in the drug world, has helped with the procedures of this traffic. According to the prosecution, the group is well structured and organized, because each of the defendants has separate roles, starting from transportation and to finding the right market.

They used to reflect after every police action, by changing the addresses and phone numbers, and also by threatening and blackmailing the persons that were arrested.

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