Prishtina street named after Top Media founder

23/05/2011 15:35

Three years after the loss of Top Media founder, Dritan Hoxha, a Prishtina street will be named after him.

Prishtina Municipality valued Dritan Hoxha’s contribute for creating a media for all Albanians, being a spiritual unification of Kosovo with Albania.

“The name Dritan Hoxha deserves to be present in Prishtina, because it is a name that integrated all Albanians in one media, something that they did not have until that time, a media of excellent quality for all Albanian lands, with a very qualitative idea that belonged only to him. We are grateful and will express this by naming a Prishtina street after him. It will be near the area where medias are centered, because Dritan Hoxha committed his life to media and to their development”, said Isa Mustafa, head of the Prishtina Municipality.

He emphasized that media expansion throughout Kosovo and Albania is a very important window for all Albanians.

“I hope it develops further by exchanging ideas, experience and knowledge”, Mustafa declared.

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