Presidential Elections on OSCE-ODIHR schedule

12/08/2011 12:40

The election of the new Albanian President will be monitored by OSCE
and ODIHR. The process that is expected to take place on July 2012 will
be monitored by the international community, although the Albanian President is
not elected by popular votes, but from the MPs.

An official ODIHR announcement for the OSCE covering area for the next year includes the elections of the Albanian President, which are indirectly considered as elected by the Parliament MPs.

ODIHR has assigned a schedule for monitoring the elections of 16 OSCE member states, including Albania.

Many of the countries that will be monitored by OSCE are with a stable democracy such as Finland, Russia, France, Turkmenistan, Armenia, Island, Romania, Slovenia, Lithuania, Ukraine, USA, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Georgia and Turkey. These are the countries that will be monitored by ODIHR for the Presidential Elections with popular vote, Parliamentary Elections and Local Elections.

After these international observations there will be a report, but it is still unknown if there will be one even for the election of the Albanian President. However, it remains odd the fact that Albania has been included in an international monitoring, since the election of the President is not a direct democracy, but an election by the Albanian MPs.

The presidential fever is felt even now, although one year before the elections. The Albanian politics have started to discuss about the person that might lead the Albanian Presidency in the next five years. Based on the Albanian Constitution, the President is elected by the Parliament with qualitative vote, after five rounds. And if these rounds will fail, the President might be elected in the last one with a simple majority.

“The candidate for the President is proposed by a Parliamentary commission of not less than 20 MPs. The President will pass in the first, second or third round if the candidate will receive not less than three fifths of the entire Parliament votes. In the fourth and fifth round will be chosen the candidate that has taken more than half of the entire Parliament votes”, says article 87 of the Constitution.

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