President decorates two Martyrs of Democracy

29/06/2011 12:50

Albanian President Bamir Topi decorated Sokol Sokoli and Tom Ndoja with
the “Golden Eagle Medal”. Sokol Sokoli and Tom Ndoja were
executed by the communist regime as main organizers of the revolt of the
political prisoners at “Qafe Bari” prison, in 1984. The President gave
this decoration for the civil courage and the act of communist

“Sokol Sokoli and Tom Ndoja are not simply Martyrs of the Democracy. They are more than that, they are symbols of resistance, courage and political dissidence”, Topi declared.

The President continued with an appeal for all Albanian institutions that have information or verification mechanisms, to make all they can for finding, identifying and honoring every person that disappeared during the communist regime. The relatives of the decorated martyrs, Sokol Sokoli and Tom Ndoja, thanked the Albanian President for the consideration that was given to their families.

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