Premade videos, Celibashi: CEC decision is wrong

23/04/2011 19:45

Former Chairman of Central Election Commission, Ilirian Celibashi, criticized the CEC decision of obliging TV stations to accept premade video materials of political parties and candidates in the local election campaign.

During an interview, Celibashi says that CEC should not surpass the competences given by law.
“Every action of CEC cannot surpass the limits provided by the Election Code regarding CEC competences. At this specific case, CEC cannot surpass its own competences regarding this matter”, Celibashi declared.

“CEC should judge and value concrete matters on the behavior of the Radio Television broadcasters, especially when the campaign has already started. It is not appropriate that CEC approves rules which put the broadcasting Radio-Televisions into a situation that is different to what the Election Code provides”, Celibashi emphasized.

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