Population Registration to hire 15,000 people

25/07/2011 16:30

INSTAT will hire 15,000 people for performing the Population and Residence Registration.

INSTAT director, Ines Nurja, explained in an interview for Top-Channel the way how the registration will be performed door to door. The interviewers will knock on every house to fill the questionnaire.

“We will have 15,000 employees who will be chosen based on some criteria offered by INSTAT, in cooperation with foreign experts that has been cooperating with us since this January”, Nurja declared.

According to INSTAT, the Registration Process will start on October 1st, and the preliminary result might be available by the end of November 2011.

“The work will continue for three weeks, and everyone will be interviewed. After the Census process will be closed, the questionnaires will be sent to INSTAT, will be scanned and by the end of November we will have a preliminary result”, Nurja declared.

The director of INSTAT guarantees that the margin of error will be very small.

“Statistics have a margin of error. However, INSTAT will use a new verification process, for the first time”, Nurja declared.

There will be full confidentiality and while processing the data, the specialists will not have the name of the interviewed, but only his answers. The form will not have the nationality specified, but the citizens will be asked about the ethnic group they belong to. The government has passed a sanction of 1 million ALL for citizens will make fake declarations regarding the questionnaires.

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