Police investigating mysterious death of 29 year old woman

13/06/2011 16:15

Police suspect that the murder of Rolanda Kaja, the 29 year old woman
found in a roadside canal along Lalëz-Ishëm road, has been committed by
someone that has spoken to her phone some hours before her

Divorced four years ago, the mother of two, Rolanda Kaja had rented a house at the Durres beach, from where she left on June 5th for never coming back. Her friends tell that she was feeling threatened and frightened, and some hours before disappearing she’s reported of having said: “If I will not return within 2-3 hours, you’ll find me dead by the bridge”.

Her friends notified the police inspector on that same night, while on June 7th they have reported her disappearance at the police station, giving the details. Two weeks before the day when she disappeared, near the “Iliria” beach of Durres, her friends say that she was scared to live alone in her apartment.

The young woman had been working for many years as a waitress in some bars near the beach. Durres Police Department declared that no signs of violence were noticed in the body of the victim, but investigations are undergoing for clarifying the circumstances that caused the tragic death of the woman from Kryevidh village of Kavaja.

Her friends also seem to fear for their life if they speak too much. The victim left behind two children, a boy that was being raised by her family, and a little girl that she was raising by herself. But due to her job, she had trusted the daughter to a family that looked after the girl during her working hours.

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