PJIU joins opposition. Idrizi: “We’ll keep fighting for the Cham cause”

11/09/2018 16:58

While the agreement between Albania and Greece is still not disclosed to the public, Shpetim Idrizi, the leader of the PJIU (the Albanian party focusing on the eviction of the Albanian Cham population from Greece after WWII), spoke on “Top Talk” about their future agenda.

He said that the current majority had planned to leave them outside the political arena, and he insists that the battle for the Albanians of Chameria and Kosovo will always be the main cause of his party.

Idrizi made a strong declaration, which is expected to become formal at the National Council of the PJIU.

“This majority has taken everything under control and claims that they will enter the elections all by themselves. In these conditions, when their cause for the Albanian Chams has completely changed, the PJIU will discuss to join the opposition in the next elections”, Idrizi declared.


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