PG Llalla: “Dynamite authors, soon to be brought to justice”

20/02/2015 00:00

The Prosecutor General, Adriatik Llalla, guaranteed that the dynamite
attacks against the father of the Minister of Interior, and against
Chief of Police Alfred Nomani, are about to be resolved.

“The Albanian Prosecution is investigating in cooperation with all state structures, the Police, th Secret Service, and soon we will have concrete data about events that have created concern among our country”, Llalla declared.

Llalla requested intensive investigations and spoke about the crime that circulates in Shkoder.

“The territory of Shkoder has very high economic interests, for which there are often clashes between economi clans and individuals who represent criminal groups and suspicious businesses”, Llalla declared.

For an efficient Prosecution that can hit the crime on time, the President of the Supreme Court, Xhezair Zaganjori, declared that we need a Prosecutor with a stronger role.

“I think that we need a stronger role and function of the Prosecutor General, so that he can have more operating field”, Zaganjori suggested.

During the inauguration of the new Prosecution of Shkoder building, Prosecutor Llalla declared that they have finished with the identification of isolated families.

“There are 25 families with 30 isolated members. We have identified these cases for stopping any fake asylum seeking that might come from this district”, Llalla declared.

The British Ambassador to Tirana, Nicholas Cannon, mentioned another concern that is related to religious harmony.

“Religious harmony is one of the most important Albanian traditions, which you must defend. But recently it has been damaged by people who preach for going to fight jihad to Syria. The Pope has also emphasized the religious harmony in Albania, that is why it should be defended from these phenomena. It seems that the state structures have been able to fight this phenomenon with efficiency. But this is a war that requires international cooperation and goes beyond the borders of a state”, Cannon declared.

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