Palmer: Russia is blocking the Western Balkans

17/06/2019 17:04

The US Diplomat, Matthew Palmer, confirmed that Russia is blocking many processes in Western Balkan.


During his visit in Sarajevo, Palmer spoke about the issues in Kosovo and declared that the USA is committed to create a strong partnership between NATO and Bosnia-Herzegovina.

The US diplomat said that Russia has various purposes in the Balkans and in Bosnia Herzegovina sa well.

“The core of the US politics in the Western Balkans is to support the Euro-Atlantic integration. This means EU and NATO accession for all NATO countries. Russia wants to see the region divided and through a high level of tension. In 2016, Russians paid for a coup in Montenegro. They worked against the Prespa agreement and tried to block the Euro-Atlantic path of Northern Macedonia. There is no evidence to suggest that Russia would want something else in Bosnia and Herzegovina”, Palmer said.

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