OSCE: The crisis stains in the country’s international reputation

19/06/2019 17:09

The OSCE presence in Tirana has reacted after the tense situation and the conflict that has been created in some municipalities, with DP supporters attacking the premises of the Zonal Electoral Commission.

“The OSCE Presence firmly condemns the recent violent attacks on the bodies in charge of organizing elections in various municipalities around Albania. All political and administrative processes have to take place according to the rule of law principles”, the OSCE says.

“Any attempt to derail the democratic process through violent actions infringes the law, stalls the progress of the country and stains its international reputation. Not only perpetrators of violence, but also instigators, should be held legally accountable. We call for State authorities to undertake all measures, according to existing legislation, to investigate and prosecute those responsible for the violent disturbance”, the declaration continues.

“We also urge the organizers of Friday’s demonstration to ensure a peaceful protest. In line with its mandate, the Presence in Albania stands ready to continue to support the rule of law and democracy in Albania”, the OSCE concludes.

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