Opposition presents “Pact with the citizen”

04/05/2011 17:20

Socialist Pary leader, Edi Rama, announced today in Elbasan the “Pact of the Alliance for the Future”.

After presenting the SP candidate, Qazim Sejdini, Rama declared that this pact will bring economic and social development for all areas governed by the Socialist Party.

“Yesterday, together with Qazim, we vowed through a civil pact, which is our commitment for the four years to come, to radically change Elbasan, Tirana, Korça, Fier and all the other cities that on May 8th will be liberated by vote”, Rama declared.

“Our Pact provides fiscal facilitations for any business, new jobs for the young people and removing them from the streets of unemployment. We will commit to improve their professional development, for giving them a better and safer life. We will remove all governmental taxes for small business and will zero VAT for medicines, bread, milk and eggs”, Rama specified.

Another priority, according the Socialist Party leader, will be the aid for the homeless people, for the newborns, and also the “Excellence Scholarship” for students.

“50% of the rent for the homeless people will be guaranteed by the municipality. We will guarantee soft loans for all homeless people. The aid for children in need will be extended all over Albania. Every newborn baby will have a check on the first day of his life, and all excellent students will receive the Excellence Scholarship.  Together we will build a plan for social and economic development, that will solve the issue on land ownership”, Rama promised.

Rama also added that on the other side remains “the blind alley of robbery and corruption, which Elbasan citizens will not accept and will reject Tirana’s Berisha and the Berisha of Elbasan”.

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