Officers stop armed former convict at SP headquarters attended by Prime Minister Rama

10/02/2020 18:54

National Guard officers have detained this morning Vladimir Gjuta, a well-known name in the Albanian underworld, as he was stopped in front of the PS headquarters in possession of a handgun, 15 minutes after Prime Minister Edi Rama entered the building.

The development happened at 8:45 on Monday shortly after Prime Minister Rama arrived at the SP headquarters to chair the presidency meeting.
Top Channel has learned that one of the guard officers in the role of observer identified Gjuta wearing a hat and an backpack and notifies the Prime Minister’s security team, which in turn ordered a body check on the dangerous person.

Three guards approached him from behind and three others from the front, surrounding him unexpectedly. Gjuta was in possession of a firearm and a significant amount of foreign currency.

He was seized pistol gun, a magazine with 22 cartridges and also an iron-fist knuckle duster, which is used to cause bodily damage.
Police have also seized surrounding security cameras to find out what or when the car arrived in front of the SP headquarters, and who was in Gjuta’s company.

Top Channel