Observers contradict CEC

23/04/2011 19:50

The Central Election Commission’s decision for obliging TVs to accept political parties premade videos has been criticized by the coalition of Local Observers.

Their press release states that despite the purpose of this CEC decision, which is to cover an equal broadcasting time for the electoral subjects by all TV operators, “even when they are unable to cover it by their own resources”, this decision is incomplete, since it does not oblige political candidates to notify and allow TV operators to follow their electoral meetings.

The coalition also expressed its doubts on the legal base and the type of this decision, since it bypasses the dispositions provided by the Election Code.

The coalition appeals the election administrating institutions, especially CEC, to not perform their work leaded by personal desires or political impositions that may come by the running candidates.

The Media Monitoring Board must fulfill the duty and the function provided by law, and should act in a nonpartisan and nonpolitical way.

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