Oath of judges

28/06/2011 20:10

During the oath ceremony for the newest judges at the Supreme Court,
Edmond Islamaj and Shkelzen Selimi, the President of the Supreme Court,
Mrs. Shpresa Beçaj asked the commitment of the President and that of the
two other powers for not repeating the delays for the nomination of the
new judges, when the mandate of current members is over.

The President of the Supreme Court says that this declaration comes due to the fact that the vacant places were left as such for a long time, at the beginning for four mandates that had ended, then for three, and now for one, creating a situation that is not normal, because this court treats very important, delicate and difficult cases that have vital importance for the citizens.

The President of the Supreme Court declared that if the vacant places would have been filled in the right time, the Court would have to review today 2500 cases less.

Mrs. Beçaj asked the Albanian political class and the Members of the Albanian Parliament to undertake concrete measures for pushing ahead the reforms in the Supreme Court, as a complex process that requires the engagement of all independent powers.

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