Ndoka: “We’ll be in opposition, but not part of the DP”

11/09/2017 00:00

Nard Ndoka confirmed on Top Channel’s “Top Story” the voices that he is no more part of the Democratic Party MPs in Parliament.

Ndoka said he hopes to create a parliamentary group with Vangjel Dule of of the United for Human Rights Party, which represents the Greek minority, and Dashamir Shehu of the National Development Movement.

“We are not members of the Democratic Party parliamentary group. We are together with our allies”, Ndoka said.

Ndoka added that this practice was followed in the past elections as well. He said that Basha has also approved the creation of a republican parliamentary group, with the help of Democratic Party Mps.

“Mediu has created his parliamentary group together with colleagues from the Democratic Party. There is a chance that I, Shehi and Mr.Dule create another parliamentary group for the opposition to have more voices in Parliament. Basha has approved the republican group and I hope we will have our own as well, so that there are no double standards”, he added.

Ndoka said that this movement will not remove him from the coalition with the Democratic Party and his stance as opposition.

“There will be coordination with our stances”, Ndoka said.

As for Gramoz Ruci, Ndoka said that he voted against his appointing as Speaker.

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