Myslym Pashaj: “Renegotiating sea border with Greece will not be easy”

14/11/2017 11:06

Colonel Myslym Pashaj said on Top Story that the declarations in defense of the maritime border agreement, rejected by the Constitutional Court, damage the position of Albania in the new talks with Greece.

Myslym Pashaj, the man who was the first one to denounce the agreement of 2009, made by the Berisha government, said on Top Story that he is skeptical about the new agreement as well.

Sokol Balla: You were the first one to denounce the maritime border agreement signed by Berisha’s government in 2009. Now that Rama’s government is renegotiating, details were kept hidden. Is there any reason for this?

Colonel Myslym Pashaj: “There is huge interest. The desire for renegotiation has attracted interest, but is there any desire form the other party? This agreement is very complex. There used to be a signed agreement, but it doesn’t exist anymore, because the Constitutional Court of Albania rejected it. Starting it from scratch would be very helpful, but also very hard. It is hard also because there are political figures in Albania, such as Sali Berisha, who say that this problem has no other solution, despite the fact that it has been rejected by the Constitutional Court of Albania. They admit that the agreement was not right towards Albania, so these declarations are no good for us. They are good for Greece.

Sokol Balla: The signals given so far by Foreign Minister Bushati, show that Greece is ready to renegotiate. What should Albanian negotiators be careful about in these new negotiations?

Myslym Pashaj: “Eight years is a long time. What has the Albanian government done in these eight years? There were huge experience gaps in our regard, from the professional and legal view, because they didn’t have a good understanding of the international standards for the Sea Convention. Albanian institutions should have made training seminars and discussions in these years, with the good desire to renegotiate the agreement.

Sokol Balla: You are saying that Albania is entering these negotiations unprepared?

Myslym Pashaj: I don’t think that they are not prepared, but I know what has been done with the Albanian institutions. We don’t have a hydrographic map yet for the sea territory between both countries. Greece has done it and we haven’t. Greece is more prepared than us.

Sokol Balla: Do we risk making another mistake?

Myslym Pashaj:  I think that Greece is well armed for the diplomatic war. They will give us no slack, first of all, because the previous agreement was signed by both sides. This makes them more secure. But if they agree to renegotiate, that would be a big step.

Sokol Balla: Why are you skeptic and so convinced that Greece will not accept to renegotiate the border agreement?

Myslym Pashaj: I haven’t heard the Albanian Foreign minister say that Greece is ready to renegotiate the agreement. I know that the problem is being discussed on a diplomatic table, but they must start working with it, because the problem is very complex. We must keep in mind that the Albanian delegation has not been equal to the Greek one in the past, because they were less incapable professionally for this battle, which is actually a war on table.

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