Municipalities led by opposition clash with police as they attempt to remove local electoral commisisons from public buildings

19/06/2019 16:14

During the entire day, supporters of the opposition in towns led by Mayors form the opposition have attempted to take under control the premises of the zonal election commissions.

These municipalities have recognized the decree of the President of the President to repeal June 30th as the election date.

In Devoll, Korça, a BMW has attempted the block the pathway to the premises of the local election commission. He was conflicted with the police after being asked to remove the vehicle.

In Bilisht, supporters of the opposition have gathered in front of the local election commission, throwing bottles and solid objects, and then left.

The situation was tenser in Pogradec, where the protesters tried to control the premises of the local election commission, with the presence of the former Democratic Party MP, Klevis Balliu. The protesters were removed by the police.

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