Mother and two children die from suspected food poisoning in Bulqiza

14/02/2020 18:24

A severe tragedy occurred Friday morning in a family home in the village of Gurrë in Bulqiza.

45-year-old mother Rajmonda Tola lost her life along with two of her children, 22-year-old daughter Rudina and 15-year-old son Fatjoni, all poisoned. The woman and her three children lived in the apartment while her husband, Ylber Tola, is a migrant in Greece.

Her other 19-year-old daughter Merita, was rushed to Bulqiza hospital and is reportedly out of danger.

Initially it was thought that the tragedy was caused by a gas leak, but the dispenser was outside the apartment. Other suspicions relate to the food they consumed and therefore samples are being analyzed. It was the residents of the remote village who alerted the emergency services of the tragedy.


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