More state administration recruited

03/05/2011 15:35

Top Channel has secured official documents that prove a flux of recruitings in the recent months in public agencies and
companies, mainly dependant to the Ministry of Economy.

According to the documentation, only in the last days of March and in the first days of April, the Director of the National Agency for Natural Resources, Gjergji Thomai, has signed the recruitment of dozens of employees, adding by 23% the staff of the institutions that he runs. The director of this agency says that the new structure has been approved by the Direction Board of this institution and the Ministry of Finances, hence it is completely legal.

According to them, the new recruitments have been necessary to accomplish the new duties that this law assigns to this institution, although the latter was approved in May 2010, while the recruitments were done this April, only two weeks before the elections.

But this agency is not the only public institution that has hired mroe people. The Albpetrol Company has also had a flux of recruitments in the last two months. Albpetrol is one of most misused public companies and frequently utilized for electoral purposes.

The signals for expense increase on wages are also indicated by official data. According to the Ministry of Finances, the budget expenses on wages in the first three months of this year were 25% higher than the same period of the previous year. This cannot be justified by wage increase, the highest of which has been 10%. Every time that the country is undergoing an election process, wage expenses increase by damaging the tax payers’ pockets and oppose the promises of the Democratic Party for a small administrations and “government on diet”.

Top Channel